New Leadership at one of PEI's Top Food Processing Manufacturers



CHARLOTTETOWN, June 25,2018 – Charlottetown Metal Products (CMP) announces new shareholders and leadership. CMP has been building hygienically designed food processing equipment for over 60 years and serves international clients including McCain Foods, Cavendish Farms, Jasper Wyman, Simplot, Lamb Weston, PepsiCo, OceanSpray, Barry Callebaut and more.

Joining CMP as CEO, from Halifax, is serial entrepreneur Paul LeBlanc. Paul is the Founder of Arrivals+Departures Marketing (formally Extreme Group) and a Partner at VistaCare Communications. Trevor Spinney, formally CMP’s VP of Sales, is now President. Daniel Tolensky is the VP Finance and based in Toronto. Paul Gaddess is VP Transformation & Continuous Improvement. Stacy Gallant remains the CFO. New to the management team is VP Operations, Jason MacDougall.

Paul Leblanc - CMP Equipment                                                                                                     CEO, Paul LeBlanc

“CMP is a progressive company competing and winning in international markets, which is what drew me to the business,” says Paul LeBlanc, CEO of CMP. “Building equipment that processes food for safe human consumption is the heart of all we do. Our company takes pride and accepts the great responsibility of building hygienic and sanitary equipment for our global customer base.”

CMP is engaged in the most modern lean manufacturing practices. This allows them to take on higher volumes of work with an even higher quality output.

“As an executive team, we have developed new business strategies that focus bringing value to our customers and puts them first,” says Trevor Spinney. “We have incorporated a servant leadership style to bring immediate change to our culture and are leveraging the talents of our team, to deliver innovative hygienic food process solutions to our customers all over the world.”

“The population is growing at a rate of 230,000 per day and hygienic food processing is only going to grow in the future,” says LeBlanc. “Our job is to have a world class culture at CMP and continue to push brand momentum internationally to be a great homegrown success story.”