Potato Processing

Potato Processing

For over 60 years CMP has been delivering hygienic solutions for food processing companies around the globe. With an expanding fabrication facility on the east coast of Canada, we're strategically located in the heart of Canada's largest potato processors. Our long history of designing and manufacturing potato processing equipment has given us extensive experience with a variety of potato processing equipment from raw receiving conveyors to batter mix systems and tote handling systemsWe’ve developed working relationships with some of the leading manufacturers of potato products in the world and you’ll find our processing equipment in over thirty different potato processing plants across the globe.

We recognize each potato processor has different equipment needs based on their production facility, processing capacity, and organizational goals. We spend time learning about each client's objectives and struggles so we can determine a solution that makes processing your potato products easier, cheaper, and more hygienic.


Our clients in the potato industry know us for:

  • Our experience developing hygienic solutions for the toughest processing issues
  • Limiting machine down time
  • Working with space constraints
  • Designing easy to sanitize equipment
  • Increasing production capacity

Want to learn more about how we can help potato processors like you? Check out some of our most popular potato processing equipment and get in touch with a member of our Technical Sales team to discuss your next purchase of hygienically designed potato processing equipment.

A few of our Hygienic and Innovative Solutions for Potato Processors:

We look forward to working with you.