Does your plant based product require a 'meaty' texture?

Continuous flow high pressure steam processors are the perfect way to scale your plant-based business. Our proprietary technology for high pressure processing (HPP) is widely used by companies looking to move from batch cooking to continuous cooking, increasing production rates without decreasing product quality. The evolution of these products have seen vast technological advancements making them more environmentally friendly and safer than ever before. The use of high pressure cooking has been increasing steadily in the plant-based "meat" industry so if you're embarking on a new plant based product and desire a good texture, flavour and want to ensure your food is safe you'll want to learn more about CMP's continuous flow high pressure steam processor.


We've compiled a list of benefits for using the continuous flow high pressure steam processor in the meat-less industry so you can learn more.

1. You get the desired meat texture - One thing we can't deny, the texture of beans, soy, or other plant based protein sources are not as fibrous as meat. While the ingredients you choose for your plant based product play a big role in the texture, the method in which they are processed also has a major impact on the texture. While some typical extrusion processes can leave products dry, the CFHP processor retains moisture in products giving the product a juicier flavour and texture.

1. Deactivates microorganisms and pathogens - Inactivating microorganisms through the process of high pressure processing is an important step to ensure food safety for consumers. Elimination or reduction of pathogens like Listeria will provide a safer product for your customers.

2. Preserves food and extends product shelf life without use of chemicals - Consumers today are more concerned than ever before about what is in their food. The food industry is seeing a trend toward the avoidance of harsh chemicals, and genetically modified ingredients. As a result, consumers are demanding  safer and healthier processing practices for their foods. Using high pressure steam processing to extend the shelf life of your plant-based meat is a method of product preservation performed without any harsh chemicals, keeping food safe and customers happy.

3. Retains nutrients and flavour - The use of high pressure processing doesn't affect the small molecules in food like vitamins or flavour compounds. Using the CFHP processor keeps the original product more intact and retains the natural moisture and nutritional benefits of the ingredients. As an added bonus, it can even be used to tenderise and improve texture in certain ingredients. So, if your goal is healthy ingredients with a great texture, you'll want to consider the use of high pressure processing.

5. Environmentally friendly - The CFHP processor recirculates and reuses water leading to an overall reduction in the water used. Because the steam does not vent from the main chamber there is a significant reduction in energy and water consumption making this product environmentally friendly to match your sustainable meatless product.

Want to wow your customers with taste, flavor and texture with your newest meat-less product? Reach out to CMP and see how a member of our Technical Sales team can help customize a continuous flow high pressure processor for your facility.